The project concerns a villa of about 400 square meters on three levels: the layout is born from the right compromise between solar exposure, panoramic views and the needs of the client to live in an environment constantly immersed in natural light and facing the park and the swimming pool. The basic idea was to create a large central area characterized by the height and the presence of large windowed walls around which all the main functions of the house were connected and also the sleeping areas through a double-height space. The Firm Sabatino took care of every detail and every aspect : from the plant infrastructure to the choices of all internal finishing , the lights in every single furniture in order to get a warm, elegant setting .
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YOUNG ARCHITECTS COMPETITIONS PROGRAM With the goal to attract tourists from around the globe, Castle Resort gives designers the opportunity of working with a wide range of project ideas: from the dialogue between nature and architecture to the connection between modern intervention and historic pre-existence. A center where the relaxing atmosphere reaches nearly mystical levels. In the shadows of a castle and plunged into magnificent and charming remains, the center provides an escape from the chaotic life of the metropolis. Ideally, the center will arouse desire and curiosity among the largest possible audience. Thanks to a flourishing and diversified background (made up of woods, cliffs and remains), the facility should suggest solutions in compliance with the needs of both a demanding and exclusive audience. CONCEPT The project aim to be a touristic center which is integrates with the environment by architectures that interact with the natural elements and are gently inserted on the territory through a design that promote the protection, preservation, development and fruition of all the area. The Resort provides a calm and inspirational environment for individual, business and social events. It offers different sleeping experiences from relax to camping one, and a variety of possibility to engage with […]
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