Antonio Sabatino
Chief Architect
antonio sabatino architettoWith over ten years of experience in architectural design, I have exceptional skills and experience in planning, renovation, retail, design and coordination of projects in the private sectors. My excellent communication, public relations, problem-solving and leadership skills, combined with my extensive knowledge of the handicraft production of high quality, make me a highly valuable employee and team leader.   The Masters in Eco-sustainable architecture allowed me to successfully address the issues related to environmental sustainability and bio architecture with numerous awards and recognitions granted. As regards interior design, several projects that I made on the whole Italian territory have been featured in national and international magazines.   “We all spend most of our lives inside or near buildings. Our existence is soaked in architecture and the quality of our lives is deeply affected by the quality of the architecture in which we live and that surrounds us.”   Antonio Sabatino  

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Our activities and achievements have been possible thanks to: Federica Di Blasio,  Marco Corona, Antonio Damiani, Josè Manuel Conejo Lobòn, Pamela Pingiotti, Ornella Pantaleone.
External Consultants
Structural, system and landscape experts
Gianmarco Sordi Architetto
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Gioia Chiuchiarelli Ingegnere
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